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"In the investment business, you go to school every day, but never graduate." - Don Hodges

Episode 1: Getting To Know Us

by Hodges Investment Team, on October 4, 2021

In our introductory episode, the Hodges brothers will discuss some of the history of Hodges Capital, including the book of quotes entitled “Horse Sense, Street Smarts” (from which the podcast name is derived). We’ll also touch on the benefits of saving early in life, owning stocks for the long-term, avoiding some common pitfalls (using leverage, trading options), learning from past mistakes, and more.

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Horse Sense. Street Smarts.

Don W. Hodges, founder of Hodges Capital, shares special quotes he collected over his 40 years as an investment advisor and student of personal and business success.



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Hodges Podcasts

The Hodges Family has been steeped in the investment management business since the 1960s. From the inception of Hodges Capital by the patriarch, Don Hodges, to the present generation who continues to run the business, the knowledge here is extensive. We will cover many different topics within the vast realm of investing. Some may be more general, some more specific. We tend to keep it playful and tie-in some of our favorite quotes to highlight our points. With each episode we hope our listeners gain more insight to our thought process and how we help our clients.

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